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Tennant 7400 Rider Scrubber

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The 7400’s amazing FaST™ technology decreases idle refill time and increases productivity. This rider scrubber has a longer life thanks to its industrial-strength, built-to-last construction. Training will be a breeze with simple, one-button operation, which allows more time devoted toward cleaning.

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Product Description

This Tennant 7400 utilizes a high-powered cylindrical scrubbing system that will clean your floors quickly and efficiently. Dust free debris pickup is another feature of this machine along with a high-speed vacuum to recover solution leaving your floors clean and dry! The functions of this machine are simple and straight forward, which makes operation control easy to learn and speeds up your whole cleaning process. Because this is a Tennant machine, the Model 7400 is built tough with a one piece steel T-bar construction and a wrap-around bumper. 




Operator Manual

7400 Diesel English Operator Manual (NA)

7400 Diesel Spanish Operator Manual (NA)

7400 Ford Gas-LP English Operator Manual (NA) (S-N 000000-006999)

7400 Ford Gas-LP Spanish Operator Manual (CE)

7400 GM Gas-LP English Operator Manual (NA) (S-N 007000- )

7400 GM Gas-LP Spanish Operator Manual (CE)

Spec Sheet

7400 Specifications