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Tennant 7100 Battery Rider Scrubber

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The 7100 possesses maximum machine life from its innovative engineering and industrial-grade construction. This rider scrubber demonstrates a superior cleaning performance from its aggressive scrubbing system (up to 200lbs of pressure). In addition, floor safety can be dramatically increased with chemical-free ec-H2O or foam based FaST® technology.



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Product Description

Tennant’s 7100 Small Rider Floor Scrubber delivers large industrial grade rider features to scrub in harsh environments

  • Maximize machine life through quality engineering and industrial grade construction
  • Safely clean up to three times longer between empty/fill cycles with FaST or ec-H2O technology
  • Achieve excellent cleaning performance from an aggressive scrubbing system, delivering up to 200 lb / 91 kg of down pressure

Key machine features of the 7100 Scrubber

  • Shock absorbing steel frame and polyethylene exterior for durability in harsh environments
  • Breakaway squeegee and scrubbing heads that reduce corrosion lower maintenance costs
  • Compact size allows easy manoeuvrability to tackle both large and small spaces

Choose the ideal options to tailor the 7100 Scrubber to your environment

  • Disc or cylindrical scrub heads provide flexibility to meet your floor scrubbing requirements
  • Dual vacuum fan provides 30% more vacuum lift for bulky, tough soils
  • Off-aisle power wand or V mop extends cleaning reach into hard-to-reach spaces


7100 Rider Scrubber Brochure

Operator Manual

7100 English Operator Manual (NA)

7100 Spanish Operator Manual (NA)

Spec Sheet

7100 Rider Scrubber Specifications

Wall Chart

7100 Wall Chart (EN-ES)