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Sapphire HOSS 700 Rotary Cleaning Tool

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Cleans carpet faster and leaves them drier!
The industry’s #1 power head extraction tool now comes with two NextGen™ glides that take the HOSS 700 to a new level of performance by providing smoother operation and increased solution recovery. If you have been looking for better cleaning results, reduced dry times, labor savings and a competitive advantage, you owe it to yourself to try a HOSS 700 with NextGen Glides today!

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Product Description

  • 15 inch rotor cleans faster and leaves carpets dryer – and up to ½ inch from edges
  • Solution jets designed for easy cleaning – simply remove with a nut driver and rinse clean as needed
  • Glide options: 1. Factory installed stainless steel provides durable service on all carpets 2. NexGen 1 large footprint polymer for deep agitation and extraction 3. NexGen 2 rounded footprint for superior performance with portables
  • Full 2 inch vacuum flow with clear viewing tube – easily monitor cleaning progress
  • Low-profile cleaning heads designed for cleaning under furniture
  • Industrial-grade gearbox. Rugged ball bearings ensure quiet operation and long life.
  • Easily adjustable handle height


Model HOSS 700 Rotary Cleaning Tool
Cleaning head diameter 15 in. | 38 cm
Glide options 1. Stainless steel (factory installed)
2. NexGen 1 polymer large footprint
3. NexGen 2 ploymer rounded footprint
Motor 0.5 HP dual-capacitor start. Shear-pin protected.
Transmission Helical gearing with sealed ball-bearing mounts. Oil-bath lubrication. Cast aluminum case.
Solution valving Brass fittings with inline filter. Ergonomic trigger lever.
Electrical control Ergonomic lever
Transport Easy-roll 6 in. wheels

NEW! NextGen Glides boost performance on all carpet types. Each HOSS 700 now ships with three sets of glides:
1) factory-installed stainless glides provide long service life
2) NextGen 1 glides provide smooth operation and thorough extraction on all carpet types
3) NextGen 2 glides specially designed to ensure outstanding performance with portable extractors

Glides can be changed out in just minutes with a Philips screwdriver.


HOSS 700 Flyer

HOSS 700 Manual 120V (49-075D)