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S20 Compact Mid-sized Rider Sweeper

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Tennant’s S20 compact mid-sized rider floor sweeper is a heavy duty machine that maneuveres easily in tight spaces with the sweeping performance of a mid-size sweeper.

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Product Description

Tennant’s S20 Compact Mid-sized Rider Sweeper provides the cleaning power of a mid-size in a compact

  • Experience the indoor or outdoor sweeping performance of a mid-size ride-on sweeper with the maneuverability of a compact ride-on sweeper
  • Improve indoor air quality and sweep longer with the SweepMax™ dust control system
  • Reduce operator training time and simplify machine operation with “All levers forward” control

Key machine features of the S20 Compact Mid-sized Rider Sweeper

  • ShakeMax™ filter shaker dislodges dust particles deep within the filter pleats to improve air filtration, allowing longer run times and prolonging filter life
  • InstantAccess™ allows easy access without tools to reduce downtime, service time and maintenance costs
  • Easy to open machine covers reduce sweeper downtime and maintenance costs

Choose the ideal options to tailor the S20 Compact Mid-Sized Rider Sweeper to your environment

  • Battery power eliminates fumes and provides for low-noise level operation
  • Dual side brushes increase sweeping path and productivity
  • High-performance vacuum wand stores inside the sweeper to make it available when you need it


S20 Brochure

Mining-Heavy Industry Brochure

Operator Manual

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Spec Sheet

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