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Nobles 2001 HD

Nobles Speed Scrub 2001 HD

This rugged scrubber is designed specifically for heavy-duty scrubbing and stripping applications. The Speed Scrub 2001HD delivers variable pad pressure (40 – 130 lbs at 200 rpm). The floating head design ensures even results on irregular floors. This model features a 20-inch scrub path, 17-gal solution and recovery tank, and a transaxle drive unit for ease of maneuverability.

Product Description

The Speed Scrub™ 2001 model maneuvers easily while providing maximum scrubbing power. This compact 20″ scrubber applies 50 lbs. of pad pressure at 220 rpms for excellent results. Zero-radius turning makes tight turns easy. Floating head design ensures even results on irregular floors. This unit has a 10 gallon solution and a 12 gallon recovery tank, rear empty and fill hose and height adjustable console. Available in battery. Battery lasts up to 2.5 hours on a single charge. 


Speed Scrub 2001 HD Brochure

Operator Manual

Speed Scrub 2001 HD Operator Manual

Spec Sheet

Speed Scrub 2001 HD Specifications