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National 7600

National 7600 Ride-On Propane Powered Floor Scraper

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Weighing in at 2700 pounds, the National 7600 is designed to run with the big boys • Utilizing our propriety engineering, the propane powered 7600 omits the lowest emissions in its class while designed to achieve massive removal rates • Don’t let the size fool you, we’ve concentrated mega power in a convenient frame • Easy to transport, fits in a standard door frame and accessible to most passenger and freight elevators, the 7600 can go places the others can’t!

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Product Description

The National 7600 is a ride-on propane-powered scraper that is easily transportable to any location to remove unwanted flooring. The ergonomically designed one-person machine is adjustable, allowing for easier comfort, visibility and safety for the user. The Kawasaki industrial 20 horsepower engine omits the lowest emissions in its class. Even though the 7600 weighs in at a whopping 2,700 pounds, this mega powered scraper is versatile enough to fit though most elevators and standard door frames.

Remove flooring at speeds of up to 200 ft/min with the 7600. It can average up to 2,500 square feet of carpet removal in just one short hour. Not only does it remove carpeting, but also vinyl, ceramic, epoxy, and even hardwood floors.

Keep in mind that faster removal includes the capability of the machine, the operators skills and available accessories. The 7600 offers a wide range of blade sizes and types to make sure the job gets done in a timely manner. These patented blades have a carbide technology to ensure that even the most difficult floors, such as ceramic, thinset and epoxy, are removable.

The National 7600 Propane Ride-on Floor Scraper can go where others may not be able, but still remains versatile for any floor removal project.


  • Incredible removal rates
  • 25 HP water-cooled, Kawasaki Industrial engine
  • Unique quick change swivel head with exclusive adjustable slide plate
  • Compact size allows machine to be used just about anywhere
  • The lowest emissions in the industry
  • Exclusive catalytic design
  • Kawasaki powered, water-cooled design provides incredibly low emissions
  • Patented carbide blade technology for tough removals like ceramic, thinset and epoxy removals


  • Engine: 25 hp, water-cooled, Kawasaki industrial
  • Dimensions: 52″L x 27″W x 46″H
  • Weight: 2,590 lbs
  • Removable Weight Front/Back: 806 lbs/83 lbs
  • Front Assembly: 100 lbs
  • Speed: up to 250 ft/min
Production Capacity:
  • VCT: 1000-3500 sq ft/hr
  • Carpet: 2000-7000 sq ft/hr
  • Adhesive: 200-600 sq ft/hr
  • Sheet Vinyl: 1000-3000 sq ft/hr
  • Coatings: 300-1000 sq ft/hr