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ACSI Force Air 2000 EC Air Scrubber

ACSI Force Air 700

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  • Minihelic pressure gauge
  • Four(4) 2″ swivel canisters
  • Two(2) easy lift handles
  • One(1) 10″ discharge ring
  • Variable speed switch

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Product Description

The Force Air 700 is our most powerful full feature HEPA air purification and pressure control unit designed for high power portability in a rugged no-nonsense package. The dependable and durable unit built and serviced in Houston, Texas by Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. (ACSI). Thousands of ACSI HEPA units are in service around the globe since the 1980’s.

The true HEPA filter removes airborne particles down to .3 micron in size with 99.97% efficiency. The unit also uses replaceable primary and secondary filters too to improve the life of the HEPA filter. Easily replaced filters are available from various sources.

Four heavy-duty 2″ casters coupled with two spring-loaded handles make transfer an easy job. The airtight case made of corrosion resistant heavy gage aluminum seals with Iron Grip neoprene material, and the door quickly opens and closes with a link lock latch.

A unique custom designed 0.25 HP motor and dynamically balanced blower mounts in a tripod fashion using rubberized bushings designed to dampen vibration and minimize noise. Carefully engineered tolerances avoid motor shift, rubbing or drag.

Power to the unit is standard 120 VAC using the included 5 foot power cord. The built-in Minihelic differential pressure gage coupled with indicator light panel and audible alarm takes the guesswork out of filter replacement. The precision pressure gage reads 0-5.0 inches of water.