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7200 Rider Floor Scrubber

With its high versatility, the 7200 enables daily cleaning across a wide variety of environments. This rider scrubber operates quietly, without fumes, making it perfect for noise and environmentally sensitive areas. Once cleaned, floors are dry and safe for foot traffic, thanks to FaST™ foam cleaning technology.


Product Description

The electric powered Tennant 7200 ride on floor scrubber delivers productivity and performance in one compact, maneuverable industrial floor scrubber machine. The Tennant 7200 automatic floor scrubbers fast cleaning speed up to 55,400 square feet with ease of use and impressive capacity result in up to twice the productivity of walk behind scrubbers. Elimiates operator fatigue during cleaning, clean longer and more agressively than a walk behind floor scrubber machine. The Model 7200 battery power scrubber is all about high productivity from a compact, maneuverable machine. This Tennant 7200 rider scrubber’s fast cleaning speed, ease of use and impressive capacity offers up to twice the productivity of standard walkbehind scrubbers.


7200 Rider Scrubber Brochure

Operator Manual

7200 English Operator Manual (NA)

Spec Sheet

7200 Rider Scrubber Specifications