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6100 Sub-Compact Rider Sweeper

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Tennant’s 6100 sub-compact rider sweeper is a maneuverable battery-powered ride-on sweeper that quietly captures dust and debris in a single pass.

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Product Description

Tennant’s 6100 Sub-Compact Rider Sweeper is quiet, maneuverable, and battery powered

  • Quietly clean and capture light dust and debris efficiently in one pass with this battery-powered ride-on sweeper
  • Open sightlines designed in the ride-on sweeper allow operator to confidently manoeuvre through tight spaces and standard doorways
  • Clean hard surface and carpet with a single machine

Key machine features of the 6100 Sub Compact Rider Sweeper

  • Auto Adjust™ sweeping system adapts hopper loading action to maintain peak sweeping performance throughout life of the brush
  • Easy-glide hopper features a handle and large, built-in wheels for easy removal and transport to dump area
  • No tools are required to change a brush or filter minimising maintenance downtime

Choose the ideal options to tailor the 6100 Sub-Compact Rider Sweeper to your environment

  • Quick Mop™ widens the sweeper dry mop cleaning path to 5.5 ft / 1.7m, allowing the sweeper to clean up to one million square feet / 93,000 square metres on a single battery charge
  • Dual side brushes expand the sweeper’s reach to clean more floor space in less time
  • Vacuum wand extends cleaning reach into tight spaces


6100 Brochure (English)

Operator Manual

6100 Electric English Operator Manual (NA)

Spec Sheet

6100 SpecSheet (English)

Wall Chart

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